gx16 aviator connectors cerakoted 4 pins
GX16 Aviation Connector Cerakote
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GX16 Aviation Connector Cerakote


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GX16 Aviation Connector Cerakote for Custom Cables !

GX16 Aviation Connector Cerakote, choose among several colors for your futur Keyboard Cable !


GX16 connectors are very popular in “custom cables for keyboard“. Find +23 cerakoted Aviator colors ! this may be perfect for your next keyboard cable.
If you want to buy cerakote connectors in large quantity please contact me in private for getting bulk prices.


Experience the convenience of detachable cables with the GX16 Aviation Connector Cerakote. Easily switch cables or customize the appearance of your setup by swapping connectors. This connector not only enhances the overall functionality of your cables but also adds a touch of flair that sets your keyboard apart.

All connectors are painted by myself in my workshop, I apply cerakote which is the highest quality ceramic paint and the most suitable for connectors. Why choose cerakote paint for connectors?
Because it is the most suitable for small parts with grooves (especially connectors), Cerakote paint is a specialized coating composed of a polymer-ceramic compound, the ceramic coating allows to improve the physical components, especially by improving the wear over time.


What sets the GX16 Aviation Connector apart is its adaptability to various cable configurations. Whether you’re designing a coiled cable, a straight cable, or a unique pattern, this connector seamlessly integrates into your creation.
The result is a cable that not only performs flawlessly but also complements your keyboard and setup.

Whether you’re a professional typist, a dedicated gamer, or someone who values a well-curated workspace, the Connecteur GX16 is a game-changer. It transforms your cable connections into a statement of style and functionality, reflecting your attention to detail and commitment to a superior setup.


Specs :


    • 4 pins
    • Male + female include




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