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DIY USB Cable Kit
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DIY USB Cable Kit


  • I choose my options :

    To see the paracord in larger size go to ''Color Chart''.

    To see the techflex in larger size go to ''Color Chart''.


    Select the color of a connector that will be the color of the ring. (Rainbow Thread if GX16 Rainbow is selected)


    Heatshrink around each part of the connector

    Afraid of missing a weld ? Take a spare kit just in case for spare parts. (Shell + Solder Part)


    Afraid of missing a weld ? Take a spare kit just in case for spare parts. (Shell + Solder Part)


    Afraid you'll mess up when applying the heatshrink ? Take a spare kit just in case for spare parts.

    Clear Heatshrink to be burned with a lighter to obtain a fusion between the ''Paracord'' and the ''Techflex'' for a perfect finish and solidity of the cable. 


    If you have something to add you can tell me here, and I will consider it for your order. (ex:)

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Have some fun making your own diy usb cable kit !
This kit contains everything you need to make your (first ?) custom cable with or without a connector, the choice is yours !

This DIY USB Keyboard Cable Kit contains:

  • Paracord 550
  • Techflex
  • USB 2.0 cable, 4 cores, double shielding (cut to the length of your choice*)
  • 2 USB connectors
  • 4 pieces of Heatshrink
  • Connector (if selected*)
  • Rescue Kit (if selected*)


– Here are the sizes for the coil (if you want to make one) :

You want : With : You will need (approximately):
10cm (~4in) coil a tube of (3/8) = 0.9mm 110cm (~3.6ft) of cable
10cm (~4in) coil a tube of (1/2) = 12.7 mm 120cm (~4ft) of cable
15cm (~6in) coil a tube of (3/8) = 0.9mm 150cm (~5ft) of cable
15cm (~6in) coil a tube of (1/2) = 12.7 mm 180cm (~6ft) of cable
15cm (~6in) coil a tube of (9/16) = 15mm 210cm (~7ft) of cable
20cm (~8in) coil a tube of (3/8) = 0.9mm 170cm (~5.5ft) of cable
20cm (~8in) coil a tube of (1/2) = 12.7 mm 220cm (~7.2ft) of cable
20cm (~8in) coil a tube of (9/16) = 15mm 280cm (~9.2ft) of cable



– In this diy usb cable kit, the USB cable will be delivered in one length so if you plan to make a 15cm coil (small) take at least 2.7 meters,

(150 cm [5ft] for the coil and 120 cm [4ft] [your choice] for the cable to the pc [Host]).


– I recommend you to choose the ”USB Device & Host Rescue Kit” and ”Heathrink Rescue Kit” if it is your first cable (so you have spares in case).

To see the colors go to the ”Color Chart” page to give you an idea. [If you have a doubt on the choice of color contact me in private on discord or on social networks so that I send you a photo of the desired combination]


Are the components of high quality ?

Of course ! First of all, it allows to get a better connectivity. Thus reducing the risk of involuntary disconnection or simply during multiple manipulations.
A good choice of components is therefore very important.

But one thing is for sure, it can be quite complicated to know which piece(s) is of good quality or not.
On my shop you don’t have to worry about that, since i have selected the best in terms of quality !

(On top of that these are the components that i personally use to make all the cables).


What materials do I need to make my custom usb cable ?

Several tools, but mainly a soldering iron and what you need with it. A pair of cutting pliers and a heat gun are necessary.
I also recommend other tools for a better ergonomy, you can find all tools that i personally use in this video tutorial :

Don’t forget ! If you need something in particular, go to DIY USB Cable Parts.
You’ll find everything you need for connectors. (gx16, gx12, yc8, lemos like) or (USB C, USB A) Heatshrink 3:1, and more…


Need help for making your diy usb cable kit ? Check out my video (Enable subtitles please) :
How to Make a Custom USB Coiled Cable for Keyboard + Reverse [DIY Kit] (by Cables Hero) [SUB EN]

diy usb custom keyboard cable

Even if you’ve watched the video you have some questions, don’t hesitate to contact me in private, i will be very happy to help you !


Have fun making your own diy usb c cable kit !

With a diy usb cable kit you want to have fun making your own custom cable ? You’ve come to the right place. This DIY usb cable kit contains everything you need to make your (first?) cable.

Customization is the key, and this diy usb cable kit allows you to tailor the cable length, color combinations, and sleeving materials to your specific preferences.
Whether you prefer a sleek and minimalist design or a vibrant and eye-catching cable, with this kit empowers you to create the perfect cable that complements your custom mechanical keyboard.

Building your own DIY USB C cable not only adds a unique element to your keyboard setup but also provides a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.
My instructions are easy to follow, making the DIY process accessible to both seasoned builders and beginners alike.
Dive into the world of cable customization and enjoy the freedom of creating your very own USB-C cables !


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