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Why did you select a Keyboard USB Cable collection on GMK Keycaps themed ?

It’s mainly thought for people who have no ideas or who hesitate. And who wish to be inspired by preconfigured themes, which have the role to match with the authentic GMK Keycaps sets.
And at the same time, to match with your keyboard, controller, deskmat, desk, macropad or any other accessory in your setup. 👾

Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast, a coding professional, or a typist seeking the perfect typing experience, my Coiled Keyboard Cables are tailored to meet your unique requirements.
I offer an extensive range of customization options. Including cable length, color combinations, connectors, and sleeving materials.
Allowing you to create a Keyboard USB Cable that perfectly matches your mechanical keyboard style and complements your workspace setup. ⭐️

There is something for every taste and every color, moreover ! I will try in the future to add some regularly. If you want to suggest me one or more themes, don’t hesitate to let me know via one of my social networks or on my contact page.

Why Aviator Cable for USB Keyboard ?

Why choose an Aviator cable ? It’s simple :

These Keyboard USB Cables are not only a style statement with their unique, detachable aviator-style connector, but they also offer unmatched convenience and durability. The connector allows for quick and easy swapping of cable ends, making them ideal for keyboard enthusiasts who love to customize or frequently change their setups. Built to withstand the rigors of daily use, my Aviator cables ensure a reliable connection and enhance the overall aesthetic of your desk setup. Whether you’re a gamer, a professional, or a keyboard hobbyist, my Aviator cables bring a touch of sophistication and practicality to your keyboard experience.

Make your choice easier !

By default the Paracord and Techflex are already pre-selected, which means you just have to focus on the other options.
Since there is a configurator on every product on the site. You can choose the options one by one and be guided by images,
to make each choice as simple and clear as possible.

gmk darling custom coiled cable

Find your next Keyboard USB Cable inspired on GMK Keycap sets.

Your next Keyboard USB Cable is here ! Inspired mostly by the authentic GMK Keycaps sets. You have the possibility to customize your Future Keyboard USB Cable and choose if you want to go for a coil.
Or if you want to stick to something simpler : a straight cable, whatever your choice know that you are in the right place to choose your future personalized cable for your Mechanical Keyboard ! 🍥