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Only on custom cables or a minimum total of 100€ [EU] | 130€ [US]


For pure aestheticism !✨

Some people like to have beautiful quality products in their setup, it would be sad to have great devices but with a cable (basic, sad), hence the usefulness of a beautiful custom cable made to order and to your taste, which will enter in perfect harmony with your setup ! 🎮

No ! It’s just for aesthetics only ! ✨

An aviator connector is a detachable metal connector, it is mainly used to be able to change the end of your cable if you want to change the color in the future.

It is often also chosen for aesthetics.

It is just the Size, GX16 and GX12 are the same but GX12 is smaller than GX16. All depends preferences of each one.


An image comparison just next to it →

A groupbuy is like a pre-order for a product that has a deadline, so when it is expired you will not be able to pre-order it anymore.

Unless the groupbuy is reopened, then if you like a product, hurry up… 👀

The Techflex is not mandatory, however it adds some rigidity to the cable if you have a coil.


It is also appreciated to give an accent to the chosen paracord, or to give an (metal) effect with the “Carbon” or “Clear” color.

I do not suggest more than 1.8m because on some keyboards the RGB does not work well, like on the “DROP CTRL & ALT” or the “Club’s K-Type”.


Shipping is free only on custom cables [France Only] or

  • 100€ minimum on the entire store [FR/EU]
  • 130€ minimum on the entire store [US] 

for other products here is an estimate of the shipping cost :


  • France : Free (custom cables only) – 7,49€ (for DIY Kits & Parts)
  • Europe : 2,99€ (for custom cables) – 9,41€ (for DIY Kits & Parts)
  • International : 4,99€ (for custom cables) – 12,09€ (for DIY Kits & Parts)

If your order is in “Shipped” status it is unfortunately not possible.

Otherwise, contact me in private, you will get an answer in less than 24h.

I will do my best to make your cables as fast as possible. (unless there is a high demand)

  • But allow 5-14 days maximum.

Once shipped count :

  • (~48h France)
  • (~3 to 5 days Europe)
  • (~6 to 12 days International)

Unfortunately you cannot return your cable unless it is damaged. [refund and return policy]

If upon receipt of your cable there is a problem, you have up to 14 days to return it (beyond that it is no longer possible.)

For any problem, contact me only on this page : ”contact me

If you encounter a problem with your cable don’t worry, try following the steps below:

  1. Try plugging the cable into another USB port on your computer.
  2. If your cable is connected to a USB hub, unplug it and connect it directly to a USB port on your computer.
  3. The cables sold are 2.0, if your device needs a 3.0 cable to be powered (I am not responsible for any compatibility error.)

If none of the steps work go to this page : ”Return and refund policy

All custom cables are guaranteed for 1 year, which includes soldering problems only.


Not covered under warranty: any physical problem, manipulation caused by the user: (stretching coils, scratching on heatshrink, or other manipulations that could damage the cable).

Because at the beginning of the application of the Cerakote paint I wanted to sell only chrome thread, but with time i changed my mind, so enjoy it because in the future the thread will be with the base color of the connector, and therefore chrome thread in option.

Wiring diagram (DIY Kit)

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