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Coiled Cable for Mechanical Keyboard

Here is my custom coiled cables collection’s, you have the choice to start with a preconfigured coiled cable or not, choose colors one by one, or to build the cable of your dreams.

 This is where your adventure begins! ⚔️


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Best GMK Themed Coiled Cables Sales ! 🔥

Impossible to make a good Coiled Cable without Quality Components !

The components chosen are of the highest quality for better connectivity and materials that stand the test of time. In addition to that, my custom cables for keyboards  include free delivery in France.

(For knowing fees in other countries, please visit the FAQ page)

made in france

Made in France

All handmade cables are made in France. [Europe]

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Coiled Cables Gallery

pbt slander with aviator gx16 white with brown accent

Cerakote Aviator Connectors

Find among +23 colors of cerakote aviator connectors on my shop! All connectors are painted by myself in my workshop. Why choose cerakote paint for connectors? Because it is the most suitable for small parts with grooves (especially connectors), Cerakote paint is a specialized coating composed of a polymer-ceramic compound, the ceramic coating allows to improve the physical components, especially by improving the wear over time.

piano lemo for mechanical keyboard

Different Connectors : Lemo, YC8, Aviator GX16, GX12

Find a large choice of connectors for your future custom keyboard cable, Lemos, YC8 which have a push-pull connectivity, or GX12, GX16 for a more classic style, the choice is yours!

gmk modern dolch cable themed for keyboard with gx16 aviator blue

Coiled cables are Baked & Reversed

All custom coiled cables have the "reverse coil" for maximum rigidity and durability over time. The consistency of a cable is very important! If you want to gain even more rigidity.

gmk mizu cable themed with aviator for keyboard

Do i Need a Coiled Cable for my Custom Keyboard ?

The decision is yours ! There is no right or wrong answer. This part is purely aesthetic! Some people like it, some don’t, all depends on one’s preference and the theme given. First of all, what would come to my mind would be to ask myself if, i want a (clean, minimalist) themed or not ? Or on the contrary, to highlight the “coil” of a cable to match with all your keyboards, keycaps, deskmats or others…

(Note: three “coils” size are available (S),(M) and (L). You can find the comparison on my faq page.)

gmk cafe lemo coiled cable for keyboard

Need Help on your Purchase ?

You have a question on a specific part ? No problem ! I’ve made a video explaining : “how to order on cables hero“. Go to 9:26. (Please turn on subtitles if you are not french, some languages are also available.) If you still need help you can contact me via “Instagram” or “Discord” in private or by joining my server.

gmk oni aviator coiled cable for keyboard

Why choose "Cables Hero" ?

First of all, know that you are supporting a small craftsman making bespoke “Premium custom coiled keyboard cables“. I always had an interest in custom cables. I’ve always been fascinated with the possibility to match our cable to our keyboard, keycap set, deskmat and other setup items. I’ve always been meticulous, and since the hobby of “custom mechanical keyboards” has become my greatest passion these past years,
I aim to provide you the best in terms of finishing cables !

(It would be so sad to have a good mechanical keyboard but having a cheap custom cable no ?) 👀

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About "Cables Hero"

My name is Pierre, passionate about video games and technology since I was very young. I started my Youtube channel (Frelahar) in 2019 for the purpose of expressing my creativity. Recently passionate by the hobby of “Custom mechanical keyboards” and ”Custom cables”, i love customize and match color themes in my setup. That’s why I’m starting to manufacture custom coiled cable for keyboard because each custom cable is unique whatever its color and its style.

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