Milkshake Kawaii Keyboard Cable
PBT Milkshake Keyboard Cable
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PBT Milkshake Keyboard Cable


  • I choose my options :

    I don't suggest more than 2m because on some keyboards the RGB doesn't work well, like on the ''DROP CTRL & ALT'' or the ''Club's K-Type''.

    I don't suggest more than 2m because on some keyboards the RGB doesn't work well, like on the ''DROP CTRL & ALT'' or the ''Club's K-Type''.

    If you choose one of the following connectors: ''USB A/C CNC, GX12, YC8'' there will be no heatshrink at the end because it not fit

    Heatshrink around each part of the connector

    If you have something to add you can tell me here, and I will consider it for your order. (ex:)

    • ''Is it possible to have a cable with this shape ? (link of the image, video [with timecode] or other)
    • ''Is it possible to have a ''B-stock'' connector ? (select the style and color above and specify the grade here, I will issue a partial refund) 
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Pastel Keyboard Cable, PBT Milkshake Themed

You’re wondering which cable colors to choose? Don’t worry, let yourself be inspired by my collection of theme-based cables.

This one is inspired by PBT Milkshake. Opt for a future Custom Cable for Mechanical Keyboard inspired by the PBT Milkshake set that will blend perfectly with your setup !


Cables inspired by milkshakes come in a range of colors, much like the delightful variety of a milkshake.

From creamy whites to rich chocolates to soft pastels, you can find a cable that matches your aesthetic preferences.

Whether you’re craving an explosion of vibrant colors or a more understated look, my selection of “techflex” and “paracord” options will allow you to customize your keyboard cable perfectly.


Equip yourself with an pastel kawaii keyboard cable that will harmonize with your favorite keycaps !

Discover my custom keyboard cables. They go far beyond being simple accessories, they reflect your personal preferences and your love for customization.


I emphasize quality and durability. My cables are carefully designed with high-quality materials, ensuring resistance to daily challenges.

Choose from a variety of vibrant colors, subtle shades, or unique patterns to create a cable that represents you.


The advantage of having a keyboard cable in your setup goes beyond appearance, it also encompasses functionality.

My cables are designed to seamlessly integrate with your custom keyboard and workspace.

Whether you prefer a straight cable or (coiled, spiraled, twisted) with aviator connectors GX16, GX12, lemo, yc8 push-pull, or others, you have the ability to customize every detail for a tailored experience.


Customization goes beyond aesthetics. My custom cables stand out with their unique design, combining functionality and elegance.

Choose your connector: from USB-C to micro USB ! Opt for an artisan lemo cable that reflects your personality, enhances your workspace, and adds a touch of sophistication to your setup.

With my custom keyboard cables, every key press becomes a style statement !


Customize your own Keyboard Cable (PBT Milkshake) now !

Embrace a unique style with Paracord, a soft sensation, and remarkable durability, while “techflex” adds an extra touch of sophistication, highlighting nuances and textures.

Together, these materials create a stunning visual harmony, transforming your braided cable into a unique work of art !

Whether you’re seeking a minimalist look or a burst of colors, my varied choice of “techflex” and “paracord” will allow you to customize your cable to perfectly match your style.


Warning: USB 2.0 cable


If you’d like a different style, maybe GMK First Love Keyboard Cable will please you ?

If not, check out my entire collection of Keyboard USB Cables, or all my Coiled keyboard cables.


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