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Techflex Flexo PET
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Techflex Flexo PET


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Braided Sleeving for Custom Keyboard Cables !

What is Techflex Flexo PET ?

Techflex Flexo PET is a protective plastic coating used to wrap and safeguard cables, providing an additional layer of resistance and durability. It’s crafted from high-quality materials such as braided fibers or special polymers, imparting properties of abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and overall wear resistance.

It’s commonly employed in wiring and assembly projects to enhance aesthetics, durability, and cable management. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns to cater to aesthetic preferences and functional needs (+21 colors).
Applying this Flexo PET sleeve can help maintain a certain rigidity while keeping a tightly wound coil, preventing any loosening at the coil’s level.

In essence, Techflex PET is a versatile solution to fortify and enhance cables. It plays a crucial role in appearance, especially for providing color contrast to the base sleeve, matching with keycap sets, keyboards, setups, and more. Combine the chosen sleeve with your favorite paracord for a perfect harmony !


The Techflex Flexo PET can serve multiple beneficial purposes for custom keyboard USB cables. Here are some of its specific uses and advantages for custom keyboards:

  • Protection against Wear: USB cables for keyboards are often subject to frequent movements, bends, and friction. This PET braided sleeves offers a protective layer that prevents premature cable wear, thereby extending its lifespan.
  • Tangle Prevention: Tangled cables can not only cause connection issues but can also be frustrating to untangle. Techflex keeps cables well-organized and prevents them from tangling.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: By using it in attractive colors and patterns, you can personalize the appearance of your keyboard cables.
  • Mechanical Damage Protection: Standard cables are often bent, twisted, and pulled in different directions. The sleeve provides extra protection against mechanical damage, such as excessive bends or twists.


In summary, using Techflex flexo pet for custom cables can enhance both the appearance and rigidity of your cables. It offers protection against wear, mechanical damage, and tangling, while allowing for aesthetic customization. It’s a versatile solution to improve cable durability and management in both gaming and work environments.


Specs :

    • Nominal diameter: 3.2mm
    • Min diameter: 2.4mm
    • Average diameter : 6,3mm


If you want to buy large quantities of paracord contact me in private for getting bulk prices.



Note: The techflex ratio is 1.15:1, (example:) you want to make a 1.8 m [ 6ft] cable, you will need to take at least ~30 cm [ 1ft] more than the basic cable.

More length is high, more margin you will need, but to estimate the length needed, multiply the size of your cable by 1.15.


ㅤ(Ex: 180 x 1.15 = 207cm) = (Ex: 6 x 1.15 = 6,9ft)


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