USB 2.0 Cable 3.2mm 28 awg shielded
USB 2.0 Wire (3.2mm)
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USB 2.0 Wire (3.2mm)


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USB 2.0 Wire (3.2mm)


Discover the USB 2.0 Wire (3.2mm), an exceptional cable solution that caters to a multitude of connectivity needs.
Discover the finest option for any DIY project: Shielded USB 2.0 Cable (3.2mm), an exceptional quality cable that I’ve managed to unearth. So, go ahead and craft your Keyboard cable, Controller, or Smartphone cable right away !


Unveiling the Core Composition: The heart of this cable consists of four distinct cores, each with a specific role to play.
Among these cores, two are dedicated 28AWG power wires, meticulously designed to efficiently deliver power to your devices.
Complementing the power wires are two 28AWG twisted data wires, configured to enhance data transmission through precise twisting. To safeguard these integral components,
a combination of foil and braid shielding envelopes them, imparting resilience and durability.
The entire ensemble is encapsulated within a PVC jacket, purposefully balanced between toughness and flexibility, ensuring the cable’s ability to withstand various conditions.

Shielding Excellence: The inclusion of double shielding in this cable serves as a fortress against potential electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, safeguarding the integrity of transmitted data.
Any disruptions or distortions are effectively thwarted, allowing your data to flow seamlessly and unaltered.


Bulk Ordering: Should you be interested in procuring the USB 2.0 Wire in large quantities, kindly reach out to me privately to access exclusive bulk pricing options tailored to your needs.


Technical Specifications at a Glance:

  • Cable Diameter: 3.2 mm
  • Internal Wire Gauge: 28AWG
  • USB 2.0 Compatibility: Seamlessly adheres to USB 2.0 standards, assuring optimal performance and compatibility across various devices.
  • RoHS Compliant: This cable proudly holds the RoHS certification, exemplifying its commitment to environmental responsibility and safety standards.


Elevate your connectivity projects with the USB 2.0 Wire (3.2mm), a cable designed not only to transmit data and power but also to enhance the reliability and resilience of your connections.
Explore the possibilities and embrace the excellence of this meticulously crafted cable solution.


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