USB A (CNC) Connector housing
USB A Housing CNC
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USB A Housing CNC


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USB A Housing (CNC) for Mechanical Keyboard, Controller…


Add an extra touch of sophistication to your custom cable with this USB A housing. Push the boundaries of customization with a USB A CNC shell !


  • It’s important to note that the axis of the screw may not be perfectly straight as they are designed that way by default (see the second photo). Keep this in mind before placing your order, as no refunds will be possible for this reason.


USB A CNC Housing with 4 gold-plated pins, composed of 3 parts, two detachable sections, and a metal screw to secure the cable.

Elevate your setup with a USB A metallic connector designed for various devices such as mechanical keyboards, controllers, smartphones, macropads, numeric keypads, and more…

If you’re interested in USB A CNC connectors in bulk, reach out to me privately to get a preferential rate based on the desired quantity.

Choose from various colors: Silver or Black for your USB-A CNC shell.
The silver or black metallic USB A shield consists of three elements: a solderable 4-pin part and two metallic shells.


This USB A CNC connection is designed to simplify your experience. Seamlessly connect your keyboard to different devices with unmatched flexibility. Whether you’re using a laptop, smartphone, or tablet, this USB-A CNC connector ensures previous compatibility.
Harness the potential of this USB A CNC to design your cable and focus on what truly matters to you: work or play.

Have fun creating your own USB cable !

Once soldered, your cable becomes a reliable and enduring solution for keyboards and any device. Become an expert and craft your next cable with high-quality materials for unwavering connectivity.
Opt for a solderable USB A CNC connector and enjoy a smooth and dependable typing experience right away !

In a nutshell, here are the advantages of using a solderable USB A CNC connector for crafting your future custom cable:

  • Adaptable and practical: This metallic shell suits a wide range of devices while adding a premium style to customized cable assembly.
  • Effortless assembly: Its installation is a breeze, even for beginners. Simply solder the 4 pins onto the corresponding wires of the cable, then assemble everything, and you’re ready to go !
  • Universal harmony: It harmonizes with a wide range of devices, including mechanical keyboards, controllers, macropads, and numeric keypads.
  • Built to last: Made from high-quality materials, it offers resistance and longevity.


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