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Paracord Keyboard
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Paracord Keyboard


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Nylon cord, +70 colors !


Explore an extensive array of over 70 exquisite shades of paracord keyboard to elegantly customize your mechanical keyboard USB cable !

Discover my diverse range of meticulously selected premium paracords designed to enhance your favorite combinations in crafting custom USB cables for mechanical keyboards.
If you’re considering the possibility of purchasing in bulk, I encourage you to reach out to me privately to discuss a favorable rate that meets your requirements.

What is Paracord Keyboard ?

Paracord is a durable, braided nylon cord with origins in the military domain. Originally employed for parachute suspension lines due to its strength and lightweight nature, paracord keyboard has now been widely embraced for its myriad applications.
It’s used in creative hobbies, outdoor survival, bracelet crafting, and even in customizing cables for mechanical keyboards, setups, and more. Thanks to its sturdy structure and flexibility, Paracord is prized for its longevity and ability to withstand both weather conditions and mechanical stresses.
Available in an extensive range of colors (+70 colors), it allows for personalization and enhancement while adding an extra layer of protection to cables. In summary, Paracord is a versatile material that combines functionality, aesthetics, and resilience, making it popular for a diversified range of applications.

However, keyboard paracord goes beyond aesthetics. It also offers additional protection to your cables, expertly wrapping around them to prevent twisting and mechanical damage. This ensures that cables are shielded from wear and tear caused by frequent movements and handling.

The visual aspect of your cables should never be compromised. With a wide variety of over 70 colors, you have a wealth of choices to personalize your custom cables, creating a distinctive look that perfectly matches your style and setup.

Crafting quality cables is impossible without quality paracord !


Specs :


    • Paracord 550 Type III
    • Maximum diameter: 3.8mm



Note: The paracord ratio is 1.15:1, (example:) you want to make a 1.8 m [ 6ft] cable, you will need to take at least ~30 cm [ 1ft] more than the basic cable.

More length is high, more margin you will need, but to estimate the length needed, multiply the size of your cable by 1.15.


ㅤ(Ex: 180 x 1.15 = 207cm) = (Ex: 6 x 1.15 = 6,9ft)


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