Lemo like connector & cerakote for keyboard cable
4 pins Lemo Connector & Cerakote
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4 pins Lemo Connector & Cerakote


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4 pins Lemo Connector for USB Cable !

4 pins Lemo Connector, designed to elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your custom detachable keyboard cables.
These high-quality connectors not only provide a reliable connection but also enhance the appearance of your cables with a touch of luxury.

Lemo-Like connectors are push-pull type, designed to mimic genuine LEMO connectors. Choose from a variety of colors to customize your future keyboard cable.
These connectors allow you to detach your cable, either for connection with a different detachable cable of another color or simply for the sake of aesthetic appeal.

As time goes on, Lemo Cable Keyboard connectors are gaining popularity for their style, which can range from premium to minimalist and clean. They might just be the perfect choice for your next keyboard cable project.
If you’re interested in purchasing 4 pins Lemo Connector in bulk, feel free to contact me privately to inquire about bulk pricing.

What’s the Difference Between “Authentic” and “Lemo-Like, Femo” Connectors?

  • The main difference lies in the engraved logo on the “Authentic” connectors. Otherwise, they are 100% identical. However, the price for the “Lemo-Like, Femo” connectors is significantly more affordable.
    This means you can get a LEMO-style connector at a much lower cost.


LEMO connectors combine advanced engineering and elegant design to create an exceptional cable experience.
Crafted with meticulous precision, these connectors are designed to seamlessly fit your cables, ensuring a stable and flawless connection.
Whether you’re typing rapidly or diving into an intense gaming session, LEMO connectors guarantee smooth data transmission and optimal responsiveness.

Visual appeal is not compromised, as these connectors are more than just functional solutions they’re full-fledged design elements.
With an elegant design and premium finish, 4 pins Lemo Connector connectors add a touch of prestige to your custom cables.
Their robust construction also ensures long-term durability, resisting mechanical strain and daily wear.

Choosing Lemo connector for your custom mechanical keyboard cables transforms them into personalized works of art, seamlessly blending functionality and aesthetics. Bring your ideas to life and express your unique style with these Lemo-Like connectors.


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