straight aviator custom keyboard cable
Half Straight Custom Keyboard Cable
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Half Straight Custom Keyboard Cable


  • I choose my options :

    To see the paracord in larger size go to ''Color Chart''.

    To see the techflex in larger size go to ''Color Chart''.


    Select the color of a connector that will be the color of the ring. (Rainbow Thread if GX16 Rainbow is selected)


    If you choose one of the following connectors: ''USB A/C CNC, GX12, YC8'' there will be no heatshrink at the end because it not fit

    Heatshrink around each part of the connector

    If you have something to add you can tell me here, and I will consider it for your order. (ex:)

    • ''Is it possible to have a cable with this shape ? (link of the image, video [with timecode] or other)
    • ''Is it possible to have a ''B-stock'' connector ? (select the style and color above and specify the grade here, I will issue a partial refund) 

    Most formats are supported.

    • (max file size 3 GB)
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Half Custom aviator cables

Several custom aviator cables are available: USB C, Micro USB, choose the options one by one that will best suit your setup for your future Half Keyboard Cable ! ✨

If you have purchased the Half of your Custom Cable from another artisan, check with them if the wiring diagram matches mine (See FAQ), as they may use a different one which could lead to short-circuits, so be careful !

(All cables sold in the store share the same wiring diagram.)

Personalize Your Future Straight USB Keyboard Cable ! ✨

If you prefer a personalized straight cable for your keyboard without coiling, this one is for you ! Just choose the options one by one that will best match your setup for your future Straight USB Keyboard Cable.

What is the advantage of having a straight cable?

A straight braided USB cable without coil (thus without coiling, spiraling, twisting) offers a crucial advantage when it comes to USB cables for mechanical keyboards: a clean aesthetic and practical cabling.

Unlike coiled cables with coiling, which tend to create a bulky look on the desk, the straight cable offers a simple, clean, and organized appearance. This type of cable ensures an easy connection while maintaining a minimalist style.

Moreover, it also facilitates storage and handling, contributing to a tidy and well-arranged keyboard setup. If you prefer a minimalist look and hassle-free use, opting for a half custom aviator cable without coiling is a wise choice for your keyboard.

Even More Customization !

A significant advantage of custom cables, whether straight or not, lies in the extensive customization options.

You have the freedom to choose from a variety of vibrant colors, subtle tones, or even unique patterns for your cable. This customization allows you to coordinate your cable with the aesthetics of your keyboard, setup, or simply your personal style. Furthermore, you also have the option to select specific connectors, such as aviator connectors, GX16, push-pull, or other types based on your preferences and needs.

With a USB keyboard cable, you enjoy complete flexibility to create a unique cable that reflects your individuality while maintaining a reliable and practical connection with your customized keyboard.


If you bought the first half for your custom aviator cable from another craftsman check with him if the wiring diagram corresponds to mine (See FAQ), because he may use another one which will lead you to risk of short circuits so be careful !

(All cables sold on the shop share the same solder pattern.) Customize you futur Aviator Half Custom Keyboard Cable now !

Of course all the cables in the shop are compatible with all computers whether PC, MAC, or any Apple device.

Please note: All cables are in 2.0


Want to have a coil for your device or host part? Maybe a Half Custom Coiled Aviator Keyboard Cable will please you ?

Or check out my other custom keyboard cables, otherwise you can find all my others Coiled Keyboard Cables coiled or not.


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