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PS4 Charging Cable 🎮


  • I choose my options :

    To see the paracord in larger size go to ''Color Chart''.


    To see the techflex in larger size go to ''Color Chart''.


    If you have something to add you can tell me here, and I will consider it for your order.


    Most formats are supported.


Your Custom PS4 Charging Cable compatible PS5 & Xbox Controller 🎮!

100% compatible with phones, ps4 controllers, ps5 controllers, xbox, keyboards, etc…

Are you looking for a Custom Charging Cable for PS4 & Xbox Controller 🎮 or Smartphone 📱? You’ve come to the right place! Choose from 70+ colors of Paracords, as well as 21 colors of Techflex. Not sure what to choose as a color for your future custom usb controller cable ?

Of course all the cables in the shop are compatible with all computers whether PC, MAC, or any Apple device.

If you prefer a cable without a connector, maybe a Half Straight Custom Keyboard Cable will please you ? Otherwise you can find all my other cables, coiled or not, in Design Your Keyboard Cable.



Why choose “Cables Hero” ?


As a custom keyboard enthusiast, i’ve always been interested in custom cables. I’m fascinated by the fact that you can match your cable to your keyboard, keyset, deskmat and other setup items. I’ve always been meticulous and since the custom mechanical keyboard hobby has become my biggest passion these past years, my goal is to provide you the best in terms of cable finishing.

(Wouldn’t it be sad to have a good mechanical keyboard but having a cheap custom cable ?) 👀


Why buy a custom coiled cable compared to a standard cable ?


For many people, a simple usb cable can be enough for their keyboard, and there’s nothing wrong with that ! But isn’t it a bit sad to have a nice keyboard and not be able to bring out the essential in the middle of your desk ? A nice custom keyboard cable ! Which on top of that, will match perfectly with your keycaps, deskmats, desk or other setup accessory(s). 👾


What’s the point of the “coiled” part of the cable ?


To put it simply, this part is purely aesthetic only! Some people love it, others don’t, all depends on the taste of each person and the theme given. If you want a simpler style, (minimalist and clean) or on the contrary, highlight the “coiled” of a cable to match keycaps, deskmats or other…

Note that I respect a very strict specification concerning its process. First of all, all coils have (reverse coils). That is to say that they’re heated in the oven as well as put directly in the refrigerator twice, for maximum rigidity and durability over time !




  • If you have any doubt about the color choice, contact me privately on Discord or on Instagram in dm. I’ll send you a picture of the desired combination.
  • Free delivery (France only) – [Allow about 1-2 week(s) for delivery].



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