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GX16 Aviator Connector B-Stock Cerakote




The “B-Stock” quality cerakote coated GX16 connectors are connectors that do not completely meet my specifications, however, they are acceptable and it would be a shame to throw them away for some minor defects. (see photos)

If you are someone who doesn’t care about some details like [slight scratch(s), impact(s), lack of paint in some corner(s), excess paint, slight manufacturing defect of the connector) and/or you want to buy a cheaper GX16 Cerakote connector, this can be a very good compromise !

You will find connectors under two grades ”B” and ”C” which means :


”B-stock” = superficial defect

”C-stock” = more pronounced defect


Please note, these connectors are sold as is and are not refundable. So buy at your own risk.


Specs :


    • 4 pins
    • Male + female include





Get your Aviator “GX16” 4 pins Cerakote connector  b-stock for your Custom Keyboard Cable !

Aviator “GX16” 4 pins cerakote connectors b-stock, choose among several colors for your futur Keyboard Cable !


To see all cerakote colors for connectors in detail go to : Connectors


Aviator “GX16” connectors are very popular in “custom cables for keyboard“. Find +23 cerakoted GX16 colors ! this may be perfect for your next keyboard cable.
If you want to buy “GX16cerakote connectors in large quantity please contact me in private for getting bulk prices




Why choose “Cables Hero” ?


As a custom keyboard enthusiast, i’ve always been interested in custom cables. I’m fascinated by the fact that you can match your cable to your keyboard, keyset, deskmat and other setup items. I’ve always been meticulous and since the custom mechanical keyboard hobby has become my biggest passion these past years, my goal is to provide you the best in terms of cable finishing.

(Wouldn’t it be sad to have a good mechanical keyboard but having a cheap custom cable ?) 👀



  • To see colors in full resolution go to the “Color Chart” page to get an idea.
    (If you have any doubt about the color choice, contact me privately on Discord or on Instagram in dm.  I’ll send you a picture of the desired combination).
  • Free delivery (France only) – [Allow about 1-2 week(s) for delivery].
  • Got a question? Check my FAQ page !



Additional information

Grade de qualité :
  • B
  • C
GX16 connector aviator cerakoted
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