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Custom Keyboard Build Service 🪛

Custom Keyboard Build Service 🪛


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Are you looking for a Custom keyboard build service ? I can help you! 👾

More and more of you are building your gaming PC piece by piece, so why not your keyboard ? You will gain a lot in comfort and you will be able to customize it later, so why not opt for a Custom Keyboard Build Service ?

If you are a beginner and you don’t know what to choose as parts, no worries! we can discuss it privately on discord or on my social networks, in order to find the pieces that suit you best. 


Price starting at 29.99€


(Without options) the service includes :

    • PCB testing
    • Lube stabilizers and assembly
    • Welding of switches (if PCB Solder) otherwise assembly for hotswap
    • Assembly
    • Keymap programming (key layout) under QMK / VIA

Optional* :

    • Stabilizer Mod* (The ”Stabilizer Mod” includes the ”Band aid mod’‘ (pieces of bandages below the stabs) + ”Holy Mod” (pieces of bandages in the stems of the stabs) or ”Teflon mod”  (tell me your preference) + ” Clipping legs” (cutting small plastic legs)
    • Mod Case* (Foam at the bottom of the case for better sound reproduction )[recommended for less reverberation] )
    • PE Foam* (Fine foam between the pcb and the plate [may involve electrostatic risks so the choice will be at your own risk*] )
    • Tape Mod* ( Anti-static masking tape applied to back of PCB to reduce reverberation from switches)
    • Lube switches* (which must be completed and added to the cart shortly after the quote is validated,) the best for you is to send the keyboard parts at the same time as the switches


The shipping costs are your responsibility for sending the parts to my address, as well as when returning to your home.
I am not liable for any damage or issues concerning shipping on ”Services” because it is out of my reach. I may reuse the same packaging that you sent me for a reshipment to you.


For the quote to be accepted you must have all the parts !


If you have any questions concerning “Custom Keyboard Build Service” contact me either by Discord, or on Instagram in DM.


If you checked the box for keyboard switches lubed, you will need to complete this service: “Lube Switches” in My Services.


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