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USB Cable DIY Keyboard Parts

Build your future Custom Keyboard Cable with Usb Cable DIY Parts!

With usb cable diy parts you are ready to make your own custom DIY USB Cable. All the components present on my shop are the best quality,
so you can make your own custom cable in the best conditions and without surprises! 🔧


diy parts for keyboard cable

Why is it important to have good quality parts for your cable?

First of all, it allows to get a better connectivity. Thus reducing the risk of involuntary disconnection or simply during multiple manipulations.
It would be a shame to have a cable that works every other time because either the solder wire is poor in quality:

(This can lead to risks of cold soldering and therefore detach the solder, and risk interference with another wire).


Or have some Paracord of poor quality which can lead to risks of :
(Discoloration, lesser resistance, elongation, poor finish, risk of allergy, etc…)


And for each part that makes up the cable, there are many examples of why it is important to choose the right components.
But one thing is for sure, it can be quite complicated to know which part(s) is a good quality or not.
On my shop you don’t have to worry about that, since I have selected the best in terms of quality!


(On top of that, these are components that i personally use to make all the custom cables).

So now you understand, it is important to note some points when you choose your parts to make your custom cable.

Creativity, UNLIMITED !

If there’s one promise that i can tell you, it’s 100% FUN to make your own custom cable! 💯

Get a soldering iron, and get ready to get your custom cable to the length you want! And this, whatever the device:
Mechanical keyboard, controller (ps4,ps5, xbox) or macropad, mobile and more.


If you are interested, you should know that I offer services such as switches lubrication or Custom Keyboard Build, in My Services.


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