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Why use a Coiled Cable for my Mechanical Keyboard ?

Some people don’t care about it, but when you like to own a good custom mechanical keyboard, often the next upgrade is to have a custom cable. There are several kinds of cables:

  • Straight custom cables are very appreciated for a (minimalist, clean) style on setup. They are often accompanied by a connector (Lemo like, YC8, GX16, GX12).
  • Coiled custom cables have a “coil” part. They are often chosen to fill the gap in front of the keyboard, and sometimes matched with themes to match keycaps, or Deskmat or other setup accessories.

The biggest advantage: Customization! Find up to +70 colors of Paracord and +20 Techflex, so you can give your cable an accent.

Tip for Your Custom Cable !

As explained on the home page, to gain rigidity with a cable having a “coil“, you just have to turn 1 to 3 times maximum in the direction of the coil. Then connect it to the keyboard to maintain the shape. But be careful not to turn too much or the rest of the cable will follow, (especially the connector). And lose all the harmony of the cable…

If you prefer to see an example in video, click on the picture next to it. →

Why Choose "Cables Hero" ?

Perfect finishing details or nothing! To prevent the Techflex strands from coming out of the connector over time, I apply a piece of heatshrink to each cable to create a fusion between the cable, the Paracord and the Techflex.
If you plan to make your own custom cable by using a “DIY KIT“, and you want to know more about this technique, click on the image next to it (Please enable subtitles if you’re not French). →

Moreover, know that you are supporting a small craftsman making bespoke “Premium custom coiled keyboard cables“. I always had an interest in custom cables. I’ve always been fascinated with the possibility to match your cable to your keyboard, keyset, deskmat and other setup items. I’ve always been meticulous, and since the hobby of “custom mechanical keyboards” has become my greatest passion these past years, I aim to provide you the best in terms of finishing cables !

(It would be so sad to have a good mechanical keyboard but having a cheap custom cable no ?) 👀


Do i Need a Coiled Cable for my Custom Keyboard ?​

The decision is yours ! There is no right or wrong answer. This part is purely aesthetic! Some people like it, some don’t, all depends on one’s preference and the theme given. First of all, what would come to my mind would be to ask myself if, i want a (clean, minimalist) themed or not ? Or on the contrary, to highlight the “coil” of a cable to match with all your keyboards, keycaps, deskmats or others…

(Note: three “coils” size are available (S),(M) and (L). You can find the comparison on my FAQ page.)

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